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Most activities of Shree NM Electricals Ltd. are automated. A web based ERP application is under use. This is on a Linux Platform, with Oracle as the database and JSP as a programming tool.

Net access is available for customers and principals. Our Key Customers are able to access their account, get offers, place orders and monitor the progress of the order placed, all this without interacting with the staff of Shree NM.

All our warehouses and most godowns are also connected; this enables faster deliveries, quicker response, stronger controls, resulting in better service to the customers. The ERP has also resulted in Shree NM having better employee productivity.

Shree NM has an improved CRM in place, as a result of better database management. Most of the sales executives are in touch with the ERP with their laptops or mobile phones.

Shree NM shall shortly be launching its Mobile platform, permitting the Mobile users access to stock, reservation, sending of an enquiry, follow-up on its orders amongst other mobile apps.

All these efforts go towards comforting the customer, on his personal control on Shree NM’s 40 Cr+ stock across the country, his ability to send an enquiry, giving exact details of the requirement including reserving the required lengths (for cables). This culminates in to having a delighted customer, who is completely aware of the state of his order be it day or night.

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